Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reish Compound Report

Hi everyone who visits us! Just a few more pictures of the kids while we were out west. This is our boy at a river somewhere in New Mexico. (NO Nick he was not panning for GOLD.)

This is Ty and his "prize" lizard that the cat Simon caught for him at his Uncle Jeff's house. I am still not sure what was more fun for him (us). Outside in the heat hunting for lizards OR chasing the cat through the house getting this lizard from him. We had to pick up the couch when Simon dropped it and Ty dove for this little guy! Success!!! Woohoo (Oh Noah he really wished you were there to witness this!!!)

This is Ally and her cousin Isaac. Ally had a great time with this little guy!! She also had lots of fun with his dad and mom. (Carli you are still #1 girlie) Her cousin thought she was great! Don't we all?????

*Our home report. This was the "first" harvest from our garden. Wow, right!! We had NO idea that it was going to explode on us like it did. We are going to have to tweak some things for next year. It has been fun. We are now waiting for the pumpkins (yes Traci we have pumpkins....8 of them!!!) melons and squash!*

Well this is all for today! We hope to hear from our friends and family. Have a great day. Love the Reish family.

Friday, August 8, 2008

wE ARE hOmE!!!

Greetings everyone! We are home! It was a long day running through airports and watching lightning from our seats in the airplane but we made it home!!!
We had a great time out in the desert. Some days were long ones but some days just flew by! The kids experienced a life with lots of puppies and I don't think they will ever want to live with more than 2 dogs at a time! teehee
They met their Isaac for the first time. They all hit it off great for just meeting. They played and ate a lot of ice cream. We took pictures in the park with 2 of the Airedales. Isaac was more interested in the playground then the pictures. The Dales were more interested in the Rat Terrier. Oh well!!!
We went and saw Uncle Jeff and Aunt Karen. Another great time. We got to paint ball, eat, swim, eat, swim, visit, play lots of uno and hang with the gang!!!! A good time was had by ALL!!!!
Then there was grandma's! Very busy! We ate lots of ice cream ( a couple of gallons). They played with puppies, swam, went for hikes, sight seeing, went to Albuquerque oh the list goes on and on. We just had a great time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going Home Soon!!

Hi everyone!  Yes we are still out west.  We have been hanging out with family and dogs.  We have been having a lot of fun.  Time sure did fly bye.  We will be home very soon.   We wanted to share a few pictures with you all.  Trust me we will have a lot more when we get back to Michigan.  We hope you enjoy these few.

This is Ally & Ty with their cousin Isaac.  Isn't he a cutie.  We had such a great time with him.  (Yes with his mommy and daddy too.)

Uncle Jeff got Ty up really early to go on a lizard hunt.  Turns out they only caught one.  The best luck they had all day is when the cat Simon brought one in the house.  The cat dropped it and it ran under the couch.  We picked it up the couch and Ty grabbed it!!!  Woohoo  Success for our boy that day!!

Guess who this is??  Yep it is Ally.  She just got smacked in the face with a paint ball by Ty.  She is so very proud of it.  They love to do this when they come to their Uncle Jeff and Aunt Karen's house.  Look at the mountains behind her....... aren't they beautiful?
Well this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak.  We will be home soon.  Lots of love to all of you who visit us.  Robin