Thursday, August 5, 2010


This is our summer so far. Camping and birthday parties. We are having a great summer and have been blessed with great friends and great times. Thank you everyone for your support.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's Us

Well here they are Ty, Derrick and Allyson! This picture was taken after Derricks graduation from bootcamp from the Navy! Isn't he a handsome young man! Jen took us to a really cool little restuarant that we drove in circles trying to find.... That was the start of the "being lost" part of the weekend! haha
I can't believe how old all of the "kids" are these days! It is amazing to me how just flys by! Each and everyone of them has so much talent. I am so proud of all of them. There are 8 grandkids in all and we each have a boy and a girl! All beautiful!
Everyone is doing great on the home front! More pictures to follow!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not Much

School starts soon. Ally just finished band camp! Woohoo She will be in the high school marching band while in 8th grade. Ty starts football next week. Then there is me, I am hanging in there. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers for us.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sock Hop!

We recently went to the School "Sock Hop" that happens once a year. As you can tell Marc and I really don't dress the part but the kids do and love it. Hey what's not to love. Pizza, rootbeer floats, soda, sweets, hoola hooping and music! Not to mention time spent with good friends.

Me and Marc eating pizza and yes there is a little smile there from him.

This is me and my friend Gina. She dressed the part. I just had on bright red lipstick!

Here is Ty with Josh and Chase. These are two of his best buddies. They all had a great time....being boys!
This was at the end of the dance. Josh, Ty and Ally hanging out in the 50's car. Can you tell how much Ty really loves that???

Ok now this has nothing what so ever to do with the dance but I wanted to show you all my new wall. I even got to pick the color....pretty cool huh. This is my wall of black/white pictures. I am presently waiting for one of you see his spot on the left there! I love this wall.
Well I just wanted to give those who drop by a quick update. Love to you all. Robin

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Willow is sad there was nothing under the tree for her!!! Poor baby.
Ally and Ty just opened their Wii Fit! Happy kids they are! Just what they wanted along with clothes and other games!!

Ty, Robin and Ally posing for the camera after opening the Wii Fit and checking it out. All is well....for at least a minute anyway!!!
Marc and Ty showing off their hoodies! Merry Christmas to everyone!!

This video should be of Ally playing Wii Fit Soccer. Please leave me a comment if it doesn't come up. It really is funny!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick Update!

Here is a picture of Ty at the UofM vs. Utah game. Yep Utah won but hey he got to go to his 1st UofM game so it didn't matter. AND, yes Marc took him.
This is Allyson and me at a Pumpkin carving party at Marc's boss' house. Ty ended up getting 3rd place. It was a lot of fun!

This is crazy duo on Halloween night. He went as a biker dude and she went as a Abby from NCIS...aka....Goth Girl. They had a lot of fun. Another cold night in Michigan!

Another picture of Allyson carving her pumpkin! Good company, good food and lots of fun for all!
Now it is Christmas so you can tell I am way behind on everything! I am trying to keep up so I will put new pictures up for Christmas!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reish Compound Report

Hi everyone who visits us! Just a few more pictures of the kids while we were out west. This is our boy at a river somewhere in New Mexico. (NO Nick he was not panning for GOLD.)

This is Ty and his "prize" lizard that the cat Simon caught for him at his Uncle Jeff's house. I am still not sure what was more fun for him (us). Outside in the heat hunting for lizards OR chasing the cat through the house getting this lizard from him. We had to pick up the couch when Simon dropped it and Ty dove for this little guy! Success!!! Woohoo (Oh Noah he really wished you were there to witness this!!!)

This is Ally and her cousin Isaac. Ally had a great time with this little guy!! She also had lots of fun with his dad and mom. (Carli you are still #1 girlie) Her cousin thought she was great! Don't we all?????

*Our home report. This was the "first" harvest from our garden. Wow, right!! We had NO idea that it was going to explode on us like it did. We are going to have to tweak some things for next year. It has been fun. We are now waiting for the pumpkins (yes Traci we have pumpkins....8 of them!!!) melons and squash!*

Well this is all for today! We hope to hear from our friends and family. Have a great day. Love the Reish family.