Monday, July 28, 2008

A little Short!

Hi everyone!  We are not really sure about our trip.  We have been in New Mexico the whole time.  There was a lot we wanted to do but just didn't get to do.  Bummer I know.  :(( We can't connect with our family in Arizona.  That is ok maybe next trip.  This trip may have to be cut a little short.
Marc is working lots.  Poor Willow and Pilar are "home" alone!!!  Yikes we can't let that happen can we???  Our garden is exploding all over.  Yikes!!!  It is crazy.  I will post pictures of it when I get home so you can see it.
Sorry this is not a long post.  Miss  you all.  Robin

Monday, July 21, 2008

New Mexico

Greetings from New Mexico!  We made it here on July 17th.  The trip really was uneventful.  Our flight from Chicago to El Paso was VERY full.  The airport people tried to help out so we could all sit together..... but it didn't work out.  SO, Ty and Ally sat in a row in front of me.  I seriously was just trying to help out whoever Ty was going to be next to.  teehee  Yep!!!!  Those of you who know Ty well know the senerio only too well.  He knows NO stranger.  He talked that poor woman's ear off the whole flight!!!  LMAO  I bet she was sorry by the time we got to El Paso that she didn't change her seat with me!!!  Oh well lesson learned for her I guess.
We are all have a nice warm time.  It has rained hard a couple of times but we decided the rain was better than the snow and humidity!!  Ally and I had a hot day when we went to the Sonic to get slushes and the car we were in had "problems" lets just say.  WE ended up getting towed, that is after waiting 30 minutes in 95 degree heat for them.  I thought it was great but Ally was not to happy with it!  haha  I did assure her she wouldn't melt!!!  Nope she didn't!!
Ty and Ally have been keeping busy with the 8 little puppies, 3 older puppies and the 5 adult puppies!  They have decided their grandma lives in a "dog" house!!!  Oh there are 3 min-poodles but they don't count!!  Do they?  They are going through puppy care 101 and boy is it funny!!
No we haven't been gone that long but we are missing Marc, Willow and Pilar like crazy!  So that is all for now.  You can come over and check out Willows blog too.  She has a lot going on as well.
Love to you all,
Robin, Ally and Ty

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Henry Ford Museum & Al's Birthday

So.....this was one of Ty's last field trips. It was to the Henry Ford Museum. The picture to your left is of Marc and our friend Brian. Traci(Brian's wife) and I took the same picture 2 years ago with Ally and Nick! Personally, I think this is a great place for these two!

This is the best picture I know. This is where ALL 9-10 years olds should be right!!!! Of course Ty and his best buddy Noah are in the middle. Be scared be very scared!!! As you can tell from this picture this was their favorite place!!!

Ally turned 12!!! Can you believe it? We can't! She had a slumber party. Yes we lost our minds and said yes to a slumber party. Ty couldn't get out of here fast enough!!!!
Ally was very organized (unlike me) and had the whole thing planned out down to the last detail! NO idea where this gene came from!! She is posing with all her birthday booty! She is so proud of her campfire cooker thingy. She has been wanting one for a couple of years. Her camping buddy got her one! (click on the picture and it will enlarge)

Well I will sign out for now! I have to get the laundry going! Nope I will not flood the laundry room this time! We need to get packing for our trip. Signing out from the Reish Compound!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jump Right In!!

Well....Ally bailed on us so it is actually quiet around here! If you can imagine that. She will be home on the 11th so we are enjoying it while it lasts. (Shhh don't tell her but we do miss her)

Our well guy came today to start on our well. Can you all hear me crying from where you are? NO??? Maybe I am not crying loud enough. Listen carefully tomorrow and I will have Willow, Ty and Pilar join me!

Our garden is doing great!! We actually got to pick some veggies out of it and eat some of them. Yum Yum!! I need to take pictures of it for all of you. I looks like it exploded due to all the rain we got! Here is a picture of the beginning process of it!! This really was a family project. They worked, Willow played, the cats watched, Pilar ran off and I took pictures!!! Now is that us or WHAT!!!!????? Ok so I flooded the laundry room that day and had to clean that up while this fun was going on but could have been a lot worse right!!! Some of you know what I am talking about:: holes in ceilings, sides of cars damaged, boulders and bumpers, plane tickets in different counties, no oil and I am sure any of you can jump in. So flooding the laundry room was MILD!!! Besides we will just blame Marc for that one and call it good. He didn't tell me the spicket was broken. The rest......well they were ALL me!!

So please let us know if you are able to hook up with us while we are out west. Email us or blog us. 8 more days and we will be in New Mexico. We will be going between Deming and Thatcher. More on this on another post.
Love to you ALL, Robin


Hi everyone! This is our first blog for Ally and Ty. I thought since we will be going on vacation for 3 weeks we could keep in touch by using this. You can start out at Willows blog then head over to this one. I will be ablt to upload pictures from where we are. I haven't got there's perfected yet but I am working on it. Hope you all like.