Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick Update!

Here is a picture of Ty at the UofM vs. Utah game. Yep Utah won but hey he got to go to his 1st UofM game so it didn't matter. AND, yes Marc took him.
This is Allyson and me at a Pumpkin carving party at Marc's boss' house. Ty ended up getting 3rd place. It was a lot of fun!

This is crazy duo on Halloween night. He went as a biker dude and she went as a Abby from NCIS...aka....Goth Girl. They had a lot of fun. Another cold night in Michigan!

Another picture of Allyson carving her pumpkin! Good company, good food and lots of fun for all!
Now it is Christmas so you can tell I am way behind on everything! I am trying to keep up so I will put new pictures up for Christmas!!!

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David and Ashley said...

Looks like you guys have ben having alot of fun! Miss you!